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What is denture relining?

Denture relining (also known as denture rebasing) is the process of adding new material to the inner surface of a denture to improve its fit and comfort.

The denture liner is a material that is added to the inside of the denture to improve the fit and comfort of the denture. The relining material can be hard, or can be made from a soft, resilient material. You and your denturist can decide which option is right for you.


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Why denture relining?

Denture wearers may consider relining their dentures for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Ill-fitting dentures: As the shape of the jaw and gums change over time, dentures may become loose or uncomfortable to wear.
  2. Sore spots: Dentures that do not fit properly can cause pressure points and sores on the gums.
  3. Difficulty eating or speaking: Dentures that slip or move around in the mouth can make it difficult to chew food or speak clearly.
  4. Changes in the mouth: Dentures that were fitted properly may become loose or uncomfortable due to changes in the mouth, such as weight loss or shrinkage of the jawbone.
  5. Aesthetics: Denture liners can be worn out and discoloured, causing the denture to look old and worn.
  6. Denture Stomatitis: Denture stomatitis is a common inflammatory condition that affects the mucous membranes of the mouth in people who wear dentures. The condition is usually caused by an accumulation of bacteria and yeast on the dentures, but can also be caused by ill-fitting or worn dentures. Relining the denture can help to prevent this condition.
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What are the different types of denture relines?

There are two main kinds of relines you can get depending on the severity of tissue change. They are:

  • Hard Reline: This is the best way to restore the fit of your dentures without needing a replacement. A new impression is taken and the fitting-surface of your denture is modified to match that shape. We do the work in our on-site laboratory to minimize the amount of time that you are without your teeth.
  • Soft Reline: Due to complex medical needs, Some patients have sensitive gums leading to persistent sore spots. For such cases, soft relines are the solution. For soft relines, we use a pliable material to refit the denture, which lasts up to two years before it needs to be replaced.

Our denture relining process is performed directly at our Calgary office and typically takes one to two appointments.

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Minimize your visits from 4/5 to 2/3

After your initial consultation, minimize the number of trips and choose a 4 hour appointment including:

  • Preliminary and final records measurements
  • Fitting
  • Lab work & Re-sizing

Comfortably wait while enjoying free access to Wi-Fi, comfy chairs, and chilled water. With a well-equipped on-site laboratory in place, there will be minimal back and forth for you, as we will do the moulding of the prototype and readjustment immediately while you are here. Assuming everything goes well, you can receive your new teeth at the next visit!

How long will a denture relining take?

Our Calgary denture reline process is performed directly at our clinic and typically takes one to two appointments.

1. Our denturist will take a new impression from the patient’s mouth.
2. Once the denture is ready, the patient will try it in and any final adjustments will be made.

It’s an easy, straightforward process and we always strive to perform this service in the least amount of time possible.

How to maintain my denture relines?

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Proper upkeep is essential for both your dentures and mouth. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Handle with Care: To prevent accidental breakage, stand over a folded towel while handling them.
  • Brush and Rinse Them Regularly: They must be brushed daily to remove food particles and plaque. You must not use toothpaste as it is abrasive and creates microscopic scratches where bacteria build up. Utilize a soft-bristled brush explicitly designed for cleaning dentures.
  • Clean with a Denture Cleaner: Household cleansers and bleach can be harsh and should be avoided. Ultrasonic cleaners must be used. The denture is immersed in a bathtub-like device and then sound waves are produced which dislodge undesirable deposits.
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Removal of your natural teeth is an important change in your life and is the beginning of a process of healing and adaptation to something new. We are here to coach you through the process of adaptation to eating, speaking, and living with dentures for the first time.

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What is the cost of a denture reline in Calgary?

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Your mouth is unique and every personal oral condition is very different. That’s why it’s impossible to provide a standard “one-fits-all” price for denture relines. Please contact our clinic (403 246 8685) ([email protected]) for more information, or schedule an appointment to evaluate the cost of your denture reline.

In general, we provide you with a cost-effective solution. Talk to us about your health needs and budget constraints, and take a look at the Alberta Dental Service Corporation pamphlet to learn more about the Dental Assistance for Seniors program.

Frequently asked questions about Calgary denture relines

Can I reline dentures myself?
Yes. This is a cheaper and more convenient option. But the downside is that if you don’t do it right, you could mess up the denture fit and it can be expensive to reverse the damage.

How do I clean soft reline dentures?
You must rinse it under running water and brush it lightly. Don’t soak the denture in the cleaning solution. When you remove it from your mouth, store it in a container with plain water.

Do you experience ill-fitting dentures?

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