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Immediate Dentures in Calgary Help Restore Your Smile

Swiss Denture Clinic is proud to offer immediate dentures for patients in Calgary and the surrounding area. Since 1977, our denture team has endeavored to help people from all walks of life enjoy the many benefits of having durable, properly fitting dentures. It’s a true pleasure to see our patients reclaim the life they once knew: speaking, eating and engaging with the wider world better than ever before.

Have you wondered if immediate dentures in Calgary are right for you? Count on Swiss Denture Clinic to get answers to all your denture questions and to find the perfect denture solution for your lifestyle. Call us today to learn more about immediate dentures from our team!


Your initial journey into immediate dentures will typically be a 6-month process in total. The process begins the day your existing teeth are pulled out. Then, temporary liners and adjustments are provided while the gums are healing and taking shape. Not only does it provide you with a new smile right away, but the denture acts as a bandage, protecting the gums and reducing swelling and bleeding. A Denture is a band-aid that allows the gums to take shape. 


This is the most common way to get the first set of dentures because it means you don't have to walk around toothless while your mouth heals. 


A surgical or immediate denture is the term used for a denture that is placed in the mouth the same day the teeth are removed. The denture is made prior to your surgery day, and sent over to the dental office the day before.


Read our blog post to learn more about immediate dentures and what to expect after the surgery.

Are Immediate Dentures Right for You?

If you’ve lost some of your teeth over the years and want a natural, eye-catching replacement, immediate dentures from Swiss Denture Clinic could be right for you. Our team will give you a full evaluation, thoroughly inspecting your teeth and gums to help determine if you’re a good candidate.

The Benefits of Immediate Dentures

There are numerous benefits to choosing dentures to restore your smile, but immediate dentures offer some specific advantages that people from all walks of life across Calgary should note. Some of the benefits of immediate dentures include:

  • Immediate denture fitting: Like the name implies, choosing immediate dentures means you’ll never once have to appear in public without a full set of teeth.
  • Promotes healing: Immediate dentures can serve as a type of bandage, protecting your oral tissue and reducing bleeding following an extraction.
  • Facilitates your speaking: By being placed in your mouth as soon as possible, you’ll have the most amount of time to get used to their presence and establish your speaking habits early.
  • Close matches: The form, size and arrangement of your natural teeth can be mimicked more accurately when some teeth remain in your mouth.

Contact Swiss Denture Clinic for Immediate Dentures

Don’t hesitate. Each day you suffer without a full set of teeth is another day of not eating, speaking, or engaging as you could. Swiss Denture Clinic wants to help you get the most out of life by finding the perfect denture solution for you, your budget, and your lifestyle. Call us today at 403-246-8685 to speak to our team and get answers to all your denture questions!

In general, these fixtures provide you with a cost-effective solution. Talk to us about your health needs and budget constraints, and take a look at the Alberta Dental Service Corporation pamphlet to learn more about the Dental Assistance for Seniors program.

Boost Your Oral Health

Let our denture experts give you a dynamic smile with style!


What Our Patients Say About Us

Best in Alberta

“I think the girls at Swiss Denture Clinic are the best in Alberta! I've been going to them for over 5 years & they treat you like your one of their family! I love them!”


-Lenora M


"I have nothing but wonderful comments for Jennifer and her staff! The care you will receive at Swiss Denture Clinic is second-to-none. I recently visited with a friend of mine that I have known since I was a child. Even though I am still getting used to the dentures, I was so pleased when she said, ‘I’ve known you all your life. If you hadn’t told me you had to have your teeth pulled, I would have never known. There is absolutely no difference.”



For That Perfect Smile

“Need new dentures? Want that smile back? Come in to Swiss Denture Clinic and see Lisa! She makes fitting your new dentures an art. She makes sure that all of the details are checked to make your results as natural as can be. I would recommend Lisa to all that fear what the end result will be. For that perfect smile Lisa is your girl! She takes the time to make sure your sore spots are taken care of and you are happy with your smile.”



My New Dentures Are Spectacular

“If you are looking for a great denturist, your search is over with Swiss Denture Clinic. I recently had an All-on-4 Implant Surgery and my new dentures are spectacular! My experience has been very pleasant and the team is very professional but also very down-to-earth, making you feel comfortable and confident. If you need to go for follow-up visits you can rest assured to get an appointment in a very timely fashion. All in all the entire experience has been very good and I can't say enough about how great I feel with my new smile. It truly improves a person's physical and emotional well being. Many thanks to Swiss Denture Clinic for everything you have done for me!”



Great Denturists

“Great group of denture experts! Truly a pleasure to work with.”


-Steve C

Awesome Work

“Swiss Denture Clinic does awesome work. They fixed my dentures that got made elsewhere and are making my father a new set. So glad I found them.”



Best Staff

"Best Staff! I best like the privacy I feel at Swiss Denture. Best service in a long time. It was great! So personal and the staff made it such a breeze for me. Thanks so much."


-Margaret M

Friendly and Helpful

"Staff is always friendly and helpful. They are never too busy to answer any queries and always accommodating timely appointments."



A Guide Into Your First Denture Program

Take a look at our first denture care program.

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