Your First Denture Care Program

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Removal of your natural teeth is an important change in your life and is the beginning of a process of healing and adaptation to something new. We are here to guide you through the process and provide the support that you need for a successful recovery. We are also here to coach you through the process of adaptation to eating, speaking, and living with dentures for the first time.

During your first six months with dentures, there will be considerable changes in both the bone and oral tissues, and it will take time and patience for you to adapt to the change and to receive the follow-up care that you need. Through the My First Denture program, bone loss is minimized through the use of an immediate denture. An immediate denture (sometimes called a surgical denture) is inserted immediately after your natural teeth are removed, so there is no time where you have to live without teeth.

To maintain optimum comfort (included in the fee), soft temporary liners are placed in the denture whenever you need them for up to 6 months. During that time, we also provide any necessary adjustments to the bite to facilitate your best outcome. After the healing process is complete, we remove all temporary material and do a permanent reline (not included in the fee).

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