3 Ways to Tell If Your Dentures Need Repair

3 Ways to Tell If Your Dentures Need Repair

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Hundreds of patients benefit every day from wearing dentures in Calgary. However, sometimes dentures stop performing at their full capacity and require a professional tune-up.

Whether you have complete or partial dentures, your prosthetic teeth are vulnerable to damage, looseness and misalignment leading to potential pain and discomfort. Some of these risks can be reduced with proper denture care.

If your dentures need to be repaired, the resulting symptoms may prompt you to contact your dental clinic. Unfortunately, some signs of faulty dentures may be subtle and easy to miss. Here are three ways to tell if your dentures need repair:

1. Broken, chipped or cracked

Call your denturist in Calgary immediately if you note any damage to your dentures, and never attempt to fix your dentures at home. For example, if one of the teeth falls out, even if the tooth appears to be glued back into position, a misalignment could create an irregular fit and lead to problems down the road. Plus, over-the-counter glues often contain toxic ingredients.

Additionally, chips, cracks or pits in your dentures may not seem like an emergency, but they do cause irregularities in your denture’s surface. These sharp, uneven edges can lead to oral irritation and sores and make it more difficult to properly clean your dentures.

2. Mouth sores

Most people get canker sores once in a while. However, if you notice an influx of canker sores, irritated mouth tissue or gum-issues like inflammation, rawness and/or bleeding, it’s time to visit you denture clinic in Calgary.

Oral irritation and sores typically point to dentures that aren’t fitted properly or require repair. Indeed, any denture-related discomfort requires a trip to the denturist. Jaw soreness, oral pain and other discomfort require a professional examination.

3. Reduced dental function

If you’re experiencing difficulty speaking or eating, you probably need a denture adjustment.

When dentures aren’t well fitted, they sometimes move when you say certain words, or fall out while you try to enjoy your meal. Alternatively, you may also feel pain while chewing and biting down.

Looking for a Denture Clinic in Calgary?

If you suspect your dentures need professional repair, the denturists at Swiss Denture Clinic can help. Our trusted team is typically able to perform same-day adjustments, relines and repairs, so you can return to your everyday life quickly. Contact us today to learn about our services.

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