Getting the Right Fit for Your Dentures

Getting the Right Fit for Your Dentures

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Whether it’s your first set of dentures, or you’re replacing a set you’ve had for years, you’ll need to go to a denture clinic to make sure you get a perfect fit. Here’s what to expect when getting fitted for dentures at Swiss Denture Clinic in Calgary.

The Initial Appointment

If this is your first set of dentures, we will provide a consultation to help you decide which kind of denture is the best choice: full, partial or implant. We’ll assess the condition of your remaining teeth, which will allow us to recommend the best overall strategy for your dental care. If a tooth or several teeth are no longer viable and need to be extracted, we’ll arrange for you to see a dentist before we begin fitting you for dentures.

We’ll make a mould of your jaw and help you choose the right tooth size, shape and colour so your dentures look as natural as possible.

Getting Fitted for Full or Partial Dentures

Your new teeth will be handmade and placed into a loose fitting wax model to make sure that the alignment and appearance of your denture is perfect and that the smile is to your liking. Once you and your denturist have determined that the fit and the design are perfect, the denture will be finalized.

Getting Fitted for Implant Dentures

There’s a two-step surgical process for denture implants. First, one or more titanium anchors (dental implants) will be placed in your jawbone. During the healing process, the implant will bond with the bone. Once healing is complete, the artificial teeth are designed for your specific situation. Sometimes the two steps can be achieved in one appointment.

Having Trouble with Your Current Denture Fit?

Because your jawbone will slowly degrade where there are no teeth, removable dentures must be replaced at least every seven years, and you’ll need regular fittings and adjustments yearly. If your dentures are uncomfortable and you’ve had them for years, it may be time to have them checked by your Denturist.

A Specialized Clinic for Dentures in Calgary

If you need dentures for the first time, or your current ones aren’t fitting properly anymore, Swiss Denture Clinic can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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