Denture Repairs You’ll Probably Eventually Need

Denture Repairs You’ll Probably Eventually Need

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Dentures restore your smile and make eating easier. However, over time, dental prostheses will need to be relined or repaired. At Swiss Denture Clinic in Calgary, we encourage all of our clients to call us as soon as there’s a problem with their dentures.

Reasons Dentures Need to Be Repaired

Careful maintenance can only do so much. Here are some common reasons you’ll need to see a professional denturist:

  • Your dentures don’t fit properly: Loose dentures can cause painful sores to develop and make it hard for you to eat and talk. This happens because your jawbone deteriorates over time, making once well-fitting dentures no longer comfortable.
  • Your dentures have cracks: Over years of use, dentures can wear down from the pressure of chewing, temperature changes, and exposure to acidic foods. After a while, cracks and fractures start to appear.
  • You bit down on something hard: Bones, candy, and even a particularly crusty piece of bread can bend or crack your dentures or one of the teeth.
  • You dropped them: This is the most common cause of broken dentures. People drop their dentures more than they like to admit, and the impact of a fall can crack a tooth or even break the denture in half.

Most Common Types of Denture Repairs

Here are the most common denture repairs:

  • Adjustment: If normal wear and tear and bone deterioration are making your dentures uncomfortable, your denturist can adjust them to fit more comfortably.
  • Reline: If your mouth has changed too much for an adjustment to help, your denturist can add new acrylic to the base of your dentures to make them fit properly. This is necessary every two to three years for all denture wearers.
  • Rebase: This is done when the “gum” part of your dentures is worn out or discoloured due to exposure to acidic foods or cleaning materials. Your denturist will take impressions of your mouth and create a new base for the existing teeth.
  • Repair: If a tooth cracks, falls out of your denture, or breaks in half, it can usually be repaired. A missing tooth can simply be placed back in, a cracked or broken tooth can be replaced, and the gum base can usually be bonded back together.

Professional Denture Repair in Calgary

Don’t attempt a denture repair on your own. Instead, visit Swiss Denture Clinic in Calgary. Our experts will have your dentures looking as good as new before you know it. Call us today to make an appointment.

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