Fixed or Removable Implant Dentures – Which Is Right for Me?

Fixed or Removable Implant Dentures - Which Is Right for Me?

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Whether you opt for fixed or removable implant dentures, with Swiss Denture Clinic you are benefiting from the most advanced denture technology available. However, there are some important differences between the two types of implant dentures that are worth taking into account. But first, it’s useful to understand what exactly implant dentures are and how they differ from conventional dentures.

What are Implant Dentures?

Whereas conventional dentures rest on the gums directly and they are retained through suction, implant dentures (also called implant-supported dentures) attach to small, cylindrical metal implants (typically four or more) that have been fixed into the jaw. Implant dentures improve on conventional dentures in two important ways:

  • Implant dentures stay firmly in place, and therefore, essentially feel and function more like natural teeth. Conventional dentures, on the other hand, are apt to slide and shift, making eating and speaking a challenge.
  • Because the implants are anchored firmly to the living bone tissue, wearing implant dentures stimulates and strengthens the jawbone. Conversely, wearing conventional dentures inevitably leads to bone resorption, and eventually the bone tissue in the jaw deteriorates.

Fixed vs. Removable Implant Dentures

The fundamental difference between fixed and removable implant dentures is that the former can’t be removed, save by a dental professional, while the latter can be easily removed by the wearer (they’re equipped with fasteners). When determining which implant denture type is right for you, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Cleaning: Fixed implant dentures are cleaned almost like natural teeth (including regular visits to a hygienist). Removable implant dentures are removed from the mouth for cleaning. Some people, especially persons with limited dexterity, find this to be handier.
  • Comfort: Wearing fixed implant dentures won’t cause denture sores to develop. Wearing removable implant dentures, however, sometimes does result in sores. Moreover, removable implant dentures generally have a plastic part that covers the palate, which some might find bothersome.
  • Longevity: Both implant denture types last a long time, but removable implant dentures require periodic adjustment by a dental professional.

And, finally, whether one opts for fixed or removable implant dentures may simply come down to personal preference. Often, when a person is moving from a conventional denture to an implant denture, they choose the removable type as they’ve become used to this kind of denture. And when they’ve never had dentures before, conversely, they choose fixed implant dentures, as these are most similar to natural teeth.

Of course, getting dentures is a big decision, and you want to make sure you have all the facts beforehand. Make sure you talk with a denturist about which denture option would be most suitable for you.

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