Do I Need Denture Adhesive?

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Denture adhesives like Poligrip and Fixodent are in a lot of advertisements, but should you really need them?

The upper and lower gums have very different anatomy and, as a result, upper and lower dentures fit differently. Most denture-wearers admit that their lower denture causes more trouble than their upper denture. In the best-case scenario, a patient who learns to control the muscles of the tongue, cheeks and floor-of -the-mouth can learn to control the lower denture and may not require denture adhesive to stabilize their lower denture. Many patients seek out dental implants as a better way to improve denture stability.

The upper denture is different from the lower in that a suction is created once the denture settles. It’s extremely rare for adhesive to be necessary for an upper denture, but there are certain situations for which it is recommended. A loose upper denture usually indicates that something is out of alignment or that you need a refitting. If you find that you need adhesive for your upper denture or for the lower denture more than occasionally, it is a very good idea to visit your Calgary denturist for a check.

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