Surgical Dentures: What to Expect

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A surgical or immediate denture is the term used for a denture that is placed in the mouth the same day the teeth are removed. The denture is made prior to your surgery day, and sent over to the dental office the day before. This is the most common way to get a first set of dentures because it means you don’t have to walk around toothless while your mouth heals. Not only does it provide you with a new smile right away, but the denture acts as a bandage, protecting the gums and reducing swelling and bleeding.

Normally, the majority of the healing occurs within the first few weeks. The gums will look and feel better, but the bone underneath continues to adapt to the loss of teeth. This is why follow up treatment is just as important as the surgery and is available for 6-12 months afterward. During this time, the gums will slowly change and while they do, the hard acrylic of the denture cannot change with them. Once the denture begins to feel loose, a soft liner can be placed to re-fit the denture and aid with the discomfort.

For many people, the first set of dentures is the most difficult to adapt to. At Swiss Denture Clinic, we offer a variety of treatment options to suit your needs and make the transition as easy as possible. Contact us for a free consultation.

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